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Dans un Sentier Tout Parfumé
for Cello and Soprano

Based on text taken from Roman de la Rose written by Guillaume de Lorris.

Written for Duo Étrange

Screenshot 2023-11-05 143538.png
Prisma II
for Piano Solo

A dazzling movement from the Prisma suite. Inspired by the visuals of light rays refracting into different colors.

This short piece was said to be unplayable and it terrorized 2 pianists, until Pam showed up and played it ezpz.

Through Shattering Snow and Fallen Glass
Vocalise for Soprano and Orchestra

A lone voice traversing through different landscapes. Cold, glassy and wintery.

enhanced 4x better.jpeg
for Ensemble

All about the flourishing gardens and electrifying vibe of summer.

Waves and counterpoint.

for B♭ Clarinet Solo

A warm, reflective encore piece written for Louis, featuring some multiphonics which sound nice on his clarinet.

hazel 12_edited.jpg
After Prisma III
for Cello and Piano

Based on an idea from movement III of the Prisma Suite, therefore this is titled after it. 


My second "wintery" composition.



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